Sunday, November 27, 2005

Thump. At 2:15 this morning I heard a noise from the bathroom. "Mummy, did you fall down?" I called as I got up. "Yes" she said. I stepped through the study and turned on the bathroom light. Mummy was sprawled on the floor next to the toilet. "Oh Mummy!" I said, "are you alright?"

I helped her up onto the toilet and ran to get a towel. As I returned I heard her fall again. "Oh dear!" she said. I picked her up to her feet. "You are so strong!" she said. "Are you going to be alright?" I asked again. "Yes, in a moment."

I went into the kitchen and waited. She wandered out a moment later and sat down to test her blood sugar. It had been really high in the afternoon, now it was really low. Sometimes it is difficult for her to manage her blood sugar. She has been diabetic for 15 years, and she goes through phases where her blood sugar zigzags up and down for no apparent reason. I watched her eat a banana, she explained that is what she does when she feels woozy.

This morning I pointedly ask her why she doesn't turn the light on in the bathroom. 'Oh, I don't know" she answered. I'm going to leave the light on in the study tonight, I really don't want her falling down again. It is hard to see my mother growing older and frailer, but she is also in rather good shape for someone at her age with diabetes for so long.

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