Monday, November 28, 2005

Well Mummy has a bruise on her side and probably a cracked rib. Not much you can do about that. She is thankful that she didn't break her hip. People mentioned putting a night-light in the bathroom. Unfortunately, my 1927 house doesn't have an electrical outlet in that room- I'm guessing that there was no need for new-fangled electricity in that room at that time.

Tonight's dinner- mac & cheese from a box (with a little extra cream cheese thrown in) and some Trader Joe's frozen veggies. I invited Vince's doggie Molly in to hang out with us and she got some of the Mac & Cheese. Now in all the six years I've lived here a dog has been inside once. So I was a little worried the cats would freak out but Joey just looked at Molly with curiousity and Puff hissed, but that was it. Mama Cat didn't wander in, which was probably for the best.

Found interesting things on the dig today. We are excavating a portion of a large pit dating to the 1890s. Among the many artifacts we pulled out were parts of three dolls, bottles, broken dishes, buttons, pencil leads, suspender buckles, and a small iron stove. Of course I forgot to take pictures- I guess I'll have to do that tomorrow.

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