Tuesday, November 29, 2005

At 7:45 in the morning it is very cold.

Something like 36 degrees.

I have on a t-shirt, a long sleezed polo shirt, a white oxford, a blue flannel shirt, a cotton sweater, and a jacket and scarf. I feel like the StayPuff Marshmallow man.

I meant to take some dig pictures, but we didn't find any great artifacts today. Instead I froze my nuts off.

Mummy update: I told her it might take three weeks for the pain to go away and poor Mummy snapped at me when I got home. "It better not take three weeks!" Well, what can I do? I thought about feeling guilty, but really, it is not my fault my mother makes sometimes irrational decisions. She didn't turn the bathroom light on because she doesn't do that at home. Well, Mummy, you aren't at home. Sigh.

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