Wednesday, November 30, 2005

We walked into Urgent Care at 12:09 PM. We walked out at 7:18 PM. Seven hours and nine minutes. In return Mother got 20 Percosets and an x-ray.

Around us, as we sat in the waiting room which went from being empty to overflowing, were other unfortunate people. A mentally ill man. The woman with the spider bite. Two cancer patients, one of whom was in his early twenties. People came in with sick babies and their friends and family members arrived with their apparently non-sick babies. As the sick baby coughed and cried, toys were passed back and forth. I turned to mother and said, "If the bird flu hits we are fucked."

Five hours in I started getting testing. Six hours. Six and a half. At six and three quarters mother said it was time to leave. That got them moving.

Now at home I have a migraine and I just puked. What a fucking bad day.

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