Monday, November 14, 2005

I about squealed with delight this afternoon when I saw the new Martha Stewart magazine in my mailbox. Poor Archerr was on the telephone and I'm sure his ears are still ringing. However, I've looked through half of the issue and so far I haven't seen anything particularly interesting.

Okay, so today I was at my new dig. We are working back at the old building from the 1860s-1870s that we did work inside of last May and June. Anyhow, Jenny W. and Lisa G. were digging beneath the floor of the last room to be excavated and a bunch of junk from a recent packrat nest ended up in the screen. By recent, the rat basically must have left the building last week. And so I found the most disgusting thing I've ever found while screening dirt on an archaeology dig. A fresh, used maxi-pad. Nasty. I about squealed in horror. As it was I burst out laughing and finally Jenny had to see what it was I was laughing at. I hope I never, ever have that experience again. Really. I'm so glad I didn't touch it with my bare hands.

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