Sunday, November 06, 2005

I watched both V miniseries this weekend. Was acting really that bad in the 1980s? When Brian arrived from Scottsdale I made him watch the birth scene. Later I made him watch Betty Butterfield videos. I am a sadistic bastard.

The monster within.

Brian and I went to karoake, which was very dead.

Homer and Brian.

Atferward, we sat on the curb and waited for the All Soul's Day Procession. Towards the end we joined in. The theme was "Ancestors" and I brought along a posterboard with pictures of my mother's ancestors. Many people were interested in it and some women actually clapped at me. I'd rather be clapped at then get clap anyday!

Afterwards dinner at a very disorganized restaurant with belly dancers. The nachos were cold and the cheese only partially melted. I'll let Brian post pictures of the parade, it was awfully fun.

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