Monday, November 07, 2005

It is still hot during the days, but at night it is cooling down to the 50s. The cats have decided that it is winter. As I type Mama Cat is curled up below the lamp, soaking in the heat. Andy Bell is singing on the CD that MrHappySad Robert sent me. Thank you for the nice present!

Ohmigod, Jimbo has used a picture of mine and done wonders. I wish I had photoshop skills like that, but instead I am skilled at looking at dirt and telling you things about what happened. Also, I can identify the five or six types of majolica pottery imported into Tucson from Mexico prior to 1850. You know, important stuff like that.

I made butter pecan cupcakes to take to my crew members tomorrow. I am the nicest boss in the whole fricken world. They love and adore me, and worship the moderately compact light grayish-brown silty sand I walk on. They, however, rightfully complained about the portajohn today. Over the weekend someone (how do I phrase this delicately?) POOPED on top of the toilet seat. Nast! Who would do such a foul thing?

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