Wednesday, November 16, 2005

My dining room is Ballroom Red with Ralph Lauren gold paint sponged over the red. The ceiling, trim, and doors are also gold. A bit gaudy, but a fun room to have a candle-lit dinner in.

China cabinet in dining room.

So last weekend Doug K. showed me how to repair one of my dining room chairs that had come unglued. After removing the seat, I realized that beneath the current fabric cover was an earlier fabric. From what I could see, it was red and gold. Rip! I pulled the new fabric off and exposed a lovely red and gold striped silk, the original cover from the 1940s.

New fabric (left) and original fabric (right).

So far I've disassembled two more chairs. Unfortunately, the fabric on one is in poor condition, so I'll have to go to the cloth store and find a solid red or gold to cover it. Anyways, I'm having fun re-doing my dining room for next to nothing.

Of course Mummy is coming next Tuesday and I have to convert the dining room into her bedroom, so it really doesn't matter anyways.

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