Thursday, December 15, 2005

At the ground-breaking ceremony people clapped loudest (and made various excited noises) when I was thanked for the archaeology work I've been doing on Tucson's Spanish fort. I blushed. The gold painted shovels with bright gold and red bows were splendid.

The mayor and others.

As I was waiting to be interviewed for a live promo spot, the reporter mentioned that the other story he was working on was how no movie theaters in Tucson are playing Brokeback Mountain because it is considered too controversial..... What the fricken fuck???!!!

At home tonight I made Lemon Tea Cookies for the annual cookie exchange. While the second batch was baking I took these photos of my Holiday Tree, decorated with 1940s cards (many of which say "Happy Holidays" and make no mention of Christmas).

The white star was my great-grandmother Maybelle's (she died in 1951). The little pipe cleaner Teddy Bear was made by Steve at the party on Sunday.

My mother made dinner tonight (first meal she has cooked since arriving on November 22). Boiled potatoes and carrots. Apparently, these must be boiled until they are mush. After a half hour I said, "Mummy, don't you think they are done?" She stepped into the kitchen and poked at them and then came back. "Well, the potatoes are done but the carrots are still hard so I'm going to boil them some more." After ten minutes I got up and turned the stove off. I'm pretty sure whatever nutritional value they might have had disappeared in those 40 minutes. This was basically what I ate growing up- pressure-cooked meat and vegetables. It is a wonder I didn't get rickets or scurvy or some other rare and unusual malady.

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