Sunday, December 04, 2005

I was all Martha today. Mummy (who is almost back to normal except for typical older-female problems) and I went to various craft and fabric stores. Later I re-upholstered my dining room chairs in a red fabric with swirling flowers. Mummy made new gold curtains for the dining room, using tableclothes I purchased on sale. Then Doug K. came over and mounted my new mirror in my bathroom. It is Homer-height, so vertically-challenged people may be challenged by its placement. I then completed the Holiday ornaments for the Holiday Tree I'll be purchasing this coming Friday.

Afterwards I journeyed to karoake. My buddies Patrick G., Brady, and Panchesco were there. I had a super time, but won't be singing Copa Cabana ever, ever, ever again.

Patrick G.


David C., Peter, me, and Brady.

We sang, sometimes badly; drank cheap beer, and most people inhaled. I also saw two penises. It was a nice afternoon. Afterwards I came home and made nachos and sat with all three cats on my lap.

A rather nice day, don't you think?

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