Tuesday, December 06, 2005

I'm going to go with Mummy to the tree lot on Friday and buy a Holiday Tree [please note, I am so over Christmas]. My mother will predictably say the same two things she has said the last two years: "When we lived on the farm trees were free!" and "Oh my, that is so expensive!" My mother has reached that stage in her life where everything seems expensive. The other day she looked at the Good Housekeeping magazine I bought her and she announced, "This used to cost seven cents!" In which century was that price valid?

When I was a kid I dreaded putting up the tree. Yes, we would go cut one down in the woods, and it was free. Once back in the house my father had to be in charge of putting it up and he always got pissed off and would shout and curse. Like clockwork. I'm so glad that holiday custom didn't pass on to me, although if my mother tells me like clockwork "That's so expensive!" I might start swearing...

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