Monday, January 16, 2006

Brrrr, it is freezing here. I carried my potted plants inside this afternoon, since it is supposed to go down to 28 degrees in Tucson tonight. It is always a few degrees cooler at my house, next to the mountains.

Today was my "Sunday" (since I'm working Tuesday-Saturday at the moment), but I still ended up working a few hours. I came back and took a nap. Other activities included washing my broken ceramic pieces for the mosaic project Mummy and I will be doing. Of course Joey suddenly had to throw up so what did she do? Ran her little furry self right over to where the ceramics pieces are drying and puked all over them. Nice. She looked up at me afterwards quite satisfied. What is it about cats having to vomit on rugs/couches/beds/piles of broken ceramics???

Then Mummy broke the new vintage toaster I got yesterday. And then I broke my vintage Sunbeam juicer attachment bowl. Sigh. Luckily I got on Ebay and found a replacement in about five minutes for $6.99. I love Ebay.

I made oatmeal raisen cookies also. I used the regular Better Homes & Garden recipe and added lots of extra things. Mummy ate three or four, which may or may not be a good thing since she seems to be suffering from Homerzuma's revenge.

Oops, she came in and looked over my shoulder as I typed this and discovered Homer'sWorld. Amazingly enough, she knew that it was a blog. See what she is missing out by refusing to use a computer!

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