Tuesday, January 24, 2006

I really wonder what creeps like Jerry Falwell and Karl Rove would think of me if they met me. I am everything they apparently despise- a big ole fag, a social liberal, a fiscal conservative, an environmentalist, vegetarian, atheist, a believer in equal opportunity (affirmative action if necessary).

Our country is going through a really, really strange time. I guess the last time like this was during the early 1950s, when politicians saw Communists hiding everywhere. Now it is terrorist hiding everywhere, but really, how many are there? How much unregulated power do we want to give Bush and his buddies? Does anyone really trust that crowd anymore?

I think about what the hard-core conservatives want- no abortion or sex ed, state-endorsed religion, reduced scientific studies, no environmental laws, capital punishment for a variety of crimes, no homosexuals, no affirmative action, fewer taxes for rich folks, etc... Is this the United States? We used to have the rest of the world look up to us. Now I'm not so sure.

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