Wednesday, January 04, 2006

Well beefy, furry Byron was all flirty with the cute woman in line in front of me at Mexican Safeway but did he give me and my mother the same friendly service? Ummmm, like no! Totally ruined my shopping experience and made me a tiny tad hateful. Plus we forgot bananas.

Mummy is reading in the living room at this very moment. Vince's dog Mollie has moved in with us. That dog adores my mother, perhaps because of the Milk Bones but perhaps because Mummy turns the little electric heater fan toward Mollie. The doggy stretches out so the warm air blows on her tummy. When I play-wrestle with her, she pretends to bite me with her worn 13-year-old teeth. Once in a while she makes a terrible smell. One morning I got up late and she peed on the rug and I stepped in it, disgustingly warm. But still, it is pleasant having her around and the cats, while not loving her, at least tolerate Mollie.

Michelle stopped by on her way back to Israel and brought me a beautiful oval platter with fish on it. Unfortunately I wasn't here but she and Mummy visited and had a good time. I was attending a meeting where several elderly women would not stick to the agenda. Because I was so late my mother puzzled over who she should call if I didn't come home soon. I tell her to call over to my workplace, the most likely place for me to be. She, for whatever reason, hadn't thought of that. Sigh.

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