Thursday, January 12, 2006

Well boo-hoo-hoo. [A political post, to warn those who skip such thangs] Here in the Christian States of America, we are having a little confirmation hearing for the next Supreme Court justice. Yesterday the candidate, Samuel Alito, was questioned about his past membership in a Princeton alumni group that was formed to prevent women and minorities from attending that august school. Of course he doesn't remember being a member. I am pretty sure I can tell you the name of every group I've ever been part of, and probably tell you one or more interesting facts about my association with each. But perhaps Sam's memory aint so grand.

As if on cue his wife, dear Martha Ann Bomgardner, burst into tears, distraught over the harsh questions. The three largest newspapers in Arizona carried the story and pictures on their front pages, suggesting that those mean old Ted Kennedy-Demoncrats caused her lil hissy fit.

Crybaby Martha.

How come I never get this kinda press when I cry? Holy batshit, I would have been on the front page for weeks after I got dumped in 2002. Or when Mama Cat ran away, or when I had dry socket, etc. Whimper. Did you see that tear seep out? Do you remember Anita Hill? She didn't cry when the Repugnant-icans attempted to make mincemeat of her during the Clarence Thomas hearings.

Perhaps I am overly skeptical of the Way Things Are Nowadays. But the whole incident seems so staged, so carefully orchestrated.

Anyways, I could really give a shit if Martha Ann Bomgardner dramatically sobs when her former-member-of-a-now-forgotten-racist-group husband gets asks a few pointed questions. He is about to be given a life appointment to our nation's highest court and his actions will likely induce many more real tears than the plastic ones squeezed out of Martha's tear ducts.


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