Friday, January 13, 2006

I know that fewer people reading this blog are interested in archaeology versus naked volleyball pool parties. However, pool season is over and I'm out running a dig so that's that. Right now we are working in an area with one or two prehistoric pithouses. Many interesting artifacts including the following:

Hohokam figurine head.

Side view.

It's interesting how abstract the face looks- I think Picasso would have been impressed. About 1,000 to 1,200-years-old, the figurine fragment was probably once painted and may have had feathers or cloth dressing it. A few days ago we found a figurine body nearby and they may fit together.

Near the figurine head we found a large pit and lying inside was the following:

Jar sherds.

I don't know prehistoric pottery, so I can't tell you the exact age of this piece. Our ceramic person at work should be able to do so, based upon the style of the design.

Jumping ahead in time, in the following picture you can see soil layers that correspond to hard ground surfaces, tamped down by hand, that were made next to the homes of people who lived in Tucson between about 1783 and the 1860s. A large barbeque pit is also visible.

Soil profile.

In another area we are digging up trash dating to the 1890s.

A spittoon.

A pickled celery bottle with a partial paper label.

There will be more naked volleyball pool party pictures in May, I promise.

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