Tuesday, February 21, 2006

And in other news... Just how disgusting has our country become? How about this quote in the New York Times on the methods used to ensure those detainees (four years and counting) don't starve themselves to death: "General Craddock suggested that the medical staff had indulged the hunger strikers to the point that they had been allowed to choose the color of their feeding tubes."

Feeding tube colors as an indulgence... Why don't we just have trials instead? Of course then it would come out that the majority of those men had nothing to do with anything.

Those of us old enough to remember the boogey-man of Communism might recall some of the essential characteristics drilled into our head by teachers and political leaders. Communists did many bad things including:

- locked up people without trial and limited the possibility of adequate access to lawyers
- demonized whole groups of people who dared to be different in some unapproved fashion
- stifled dissent in every possible way
- politicians only met with syncophants who applauded their every move
- supporters were rewarded with perks
- the leaders and their families grew fabulously rich
- the great leader frequently appeared in military settings, sometimes wearing uniforms, often with gee-whiz high tech equipment surrounding them
- and etc.

Sounds familiar, right?

Three more years of this shit.

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