Wednesday, February 22, 2006

I bought a plane ticket to San Francisco. I'll be going in mid-April, staying with Moby. He's such a sweety. I haven't been to SF in probably five or six years- last time I went everyone sat around and complained about the high cost of housing. It happened to be Folsom Street Fair and I remember sitting on a newspaper box and watching people parade by. Seeing a man in his 70s walking naked down the street, not that's something you don't see much of in Tucson.

Mummy arrived safe and sound in Michigan. My house is quiet and Mollie misses her terribly. She had to sit outside while I was at work, something she had escaped doing for the last few months. Now Mollie is curled up on her doggie bed about a foot away from the little electric heater. Meanwhile Puff has decided to be a kitten again and is racing around playing with a toy. It is still a little too quiet, though.

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