Monday, February 13, 2006

No cats were spanked in the making of this orange meringue pie, although Puff was getting pretty close to being Punished.

Orange Meringue.

Mummy found the recipe in an Old West cooking book and of course I had to make it for her. Afterwards we went to Mexican Safeway and blonde, beefy, furry Byron was there, sporting a new haircut. As Jimbo would say, "He's dreamy" in a blonde, beefy, furry way.

Tomorrow is my least favorite holiday, You-Are-Single-Yet-Again Day. I helped Brady select his present for Patrick. I wanted to help pick a card out, but they were all out of Bitter Friends cards. Who would have figured?

For some reason my lips are tingling in a very unpleasant way- something I ate or drank must be giving me a tiny allergic reaction. Or maybe they are just numb from lack of kissing or some similar malady.

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