Thursday, March 23, 2006

I'm real tired of people who just don't get it. Take the supposed ex-gay group Exodus, whose leaders keep getting caught in homo bars. They are threatening a lawsuit against blogger Justinsomnia for posting a parody of their billboard. Luckily, the ACLU is lining up to defend him and perhaps Exodus will lose a pile of money in the process in legal fees.

This is a parody, only a parody.... (thanks Ted for posting this!)

Then there's Arizona State Senate witch Karen Johnson. This dried-up bit of nastiness is always spouting anti-homosexual crap while screeching about the importance of traditional marriage. She should know all about the latter, since she's been married five times and has 11 children. Like a friend said, if she had more pricks sticking out of her as she has had sticking in her, she'd be a porcupine.

Arizona State Sen. Karen "Porcupine" Johnson.

According to the official Senate website, Johnson is "standing resolutely against the homosexual agenda." Also on that website she spouts off about how women should stay at home with their kids and not work, except somehow she had to go out and get an elected office to support her family. That's pretty much bullshit because Arizona pays our lawmakers next to nothing. She's an ugly version of Phyllis Schafley. With Karen having 25 grandchildren, what are the chances one of them is a cocksucker or dyke?

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