Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Jimbo arrived safely and today we had some adventures. One of them involved visiting the sewage treatment plant. I know, I know, what were we doing? The answer: the sanitation folks in Tucson came up with the clever idea of placing treated water into recharge ponds and creating riparian wildlife habitat, something that has largely disappeared in the Tucson area.

Sweetwater Wetlands

We saw many species of birds including coots, Inca doves, Gambel's quails, red-winger blackbirds, cinnamon teals, and various types of ducks. Also cottontail rabbits and I spotted some marsh rats.

My favorite were the turtles.

I thought they might be mud turtles, but I'm not sure.

Afterwards we came home and Jimbo took a nap with the cats, we went to dinner with Patrick and Brady, watched Lost, and I made a lemon meringue pie! A typical exciting day, I guess.

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