Thursday, March 30, 2006

My not-so-secret garden. I'm trying to grow some vegetables in the corner next to my brick patio. I've tried to do this before and haven't been so successful. This year the artichoke has decided to grow like crazy. I had some potatoes that sprouted in the fridge, so I dropped them in the garden and covered them with potting soil and zoom! They are rapidly shading out the onions and garlic that also made the fridge to garden transition. A tomato and some violets seem to be doing well also. I'm guessing that things won't be so rosy when it gets super hot here.

I like the dramatic artichoke leaves.

In other news, anti-gay marriage nut-case Cathi Herrod was whining in today's paper. She is the leader of The Center for Arizona Policy and has been pushing for an amendment to Arizona's constitition that would ban gay marriage, civil unions, and domestic partnerships. Poor Sign-of-the-Beast Cathi is all mortified because her groups' petition drive is failing. Imagine, people are refusing to sign. Churches are refusing to allow the petition to be circulated. The leading petition drive company in the state won't touch it, saying people are so turned off by it they won't sign other petitions.

Too early to celebrate. Here's a little something can do to help defeat these morons- call their toll free number and waste their money- 1-800-FAMILY1 (1-800-326-4591). The woman who answered the phone just giggled when I told her that discrimination against homosexuals was evil. I wonder if she would continue to giggle if she got a lot more of those kind of phone calls?

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