Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Someone took the time and effort to send me the following anonymous email: "Sweetie, Nice blog, but you're no Andrew Sullivan. sorry guy." Oh Christ, for a moment I thought I was Mr. Sullivan's clone.

I read Andrew's blog and watch him obsess about various topics. The latest: Atheist Discrimination. Hello Andrew? This is big news? I am pleased that he realizes that George Bush is a complete moron, six or so years too late. I could have explained exactly why he was going to be a rotten president back in 2000.

Anyhows, enough nasty, smelly politics and more lovely, smelly flowers:

Or how about a cute picture of Jimbo taking a nap with Joey?

Or maybe a photo of the sun setting behind the mountains in San Carlos.

Or the cool roots in the mangrove swamp.

Or the raft of sea lions off the port (left!) side of the boat?

Well, I'm no Andrew Sullivan, but then he's not Homer either. And neither one of us are pricks who send anonymous emails.

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