Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Patrick's pretty daisies...if I keep staring at them long enough maybe I will not think about how angry I am at the Catholic Church here in Arizona. They have decided to support the "Protect Marriage Arizona" amendment to our state constitution, claiming that "equating so-called same-sex union and marriage are profound and unsettling."

I guess it wasn't profound and unsettling when the bishop in Tucson declared bankruptcy to hide church assets because so many local priests had fucked around with children. Some how I don't see how hiding child molesters by moving them from one congregation to another strengthens families in any way. But then the whole premise of single, celibate, dress-wearin' prissy ole thangs offering marital advice has seemed like, really, really stupid. That's like having repeat child molesters counseling children about not masturbating. Hmm, did I miss something?

I wish we could give the Catholic Bishop here in Tucson some truth serum and ask that queeny gurl some interesting questions, "Ever thought about choir boys in a profound and unsettling way?"

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