Monday, March 13, 2006

There was snow on the Santa Catalina mountains to the north and it was too cold for Mollie to wander the yard while I was at work.

Buckle your seatbelt Mollie!

She behaved herself admirably, although she had to go to the bathroom three times. And on the way home she smelled the car up pretty bad- who knew Milk Bones made you farty?

Eric discusses problem ear wax. Thankfully I don't have that affliction, thanks to the very careful swabbing that takes place every time I shower. I can't stand to have water in my ear canals, it just bothers me.

And so I now recall the time the Ex's French friend visited and, ohmiEifelTower, he had the most disgusting earwax. Ever. And I mean ever. Flakes, crust, darkened, perhaps oxidized, overflowing outwards like a frozen waterfall. And for some reason he thought of himself as this sexy French man, albeit one with extraordinarily poor hygiene (he was rather Pepe Le Pew as well). I tried to explain to him the American tendency toward this stuff called soap and water. His response was, "Oh Homere, my Doctore tolded me that beink too kleen, that eez irresponsible. It eez bad for the skin!" I tried real hard to convince him, "But [French friend of the Ex], your ears are over flowing with wax." "Oh Homere, the Doctore told me to never, ever remove the wax, it eez important to have it!" Not surprising, he didn't get laid while he was in Tucson.

I hope you didn't read this while eating breakfast...

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