Sunday, April 30, 2006

At the County Fair I dragged my friends right to the livestock barn so I could ohhh and ahhh over the chickens. The first thing inside the very roomy barn were the alpacas, which made ne think of Wayne.


But the moment I saw the goats I went all gaga. I love goats. Hi, my name is Homer and I am a goat-a-holic. Baby goats make me talk gibberish. It is hard to focus the digital camera (which is self focusing) when baby goats are jumping around being cute and all. You just want to bring them home and squeeze them tight so they stay the same size and hopefully don't chew on your curtains or poop on the bed.

One of many adorable baby goats.

I then had to run over and pet the Jersey calves, one of whom was very friendly and just wanted to have his chin scratched. You can send the farm boy to the city sorta thing.

"My chin itches."

After we left the barn and ate some crappy ice cream we met up with the other homos and the rest of the night was spent eating more crappy food, staring at all of the hot, hot, uber hot straight men, and riding rides covered with bright colored lights.

Step right up and see the Homosexuals! Back row- Jim, John, and Frank. Front row- Blake, John G., Jeffrey, Ray, and Duke.

None of my pictures of hot straight guys came out very well, so you'll have to look at this picture of hot gay guys and pretend.

John and Ray.

Ohmigod! Foreigner was playing at the fair and they were really good. I mean, they sounded great and their new drummer was Mr. Hottie Bear Drummer and I was obnoxious and called Brian during "Urgent" and recorded a snippet on his answering machine.

Saint John G.

I took lots of pictures because the pretty carnival lights made everything pretty. I wish I knew what happened to my big memory card, because my small memory brain seems to have misplaced it. Otherwise I would have taken many, many more pictures.

Homer and Jeffrey.

At the very end I was able to actually get on the giant Ferris wheel, partly because of peer pressure (I hadn't gone on any rides because I get motion sickness so easy), but also partly because John and Duke were going and it was a moment to sit down and actually talk. My feet were hurting by this time. Plus John is easy on the eyes.

John joins the 150 ft high club.

It is difficult to compress all of the sights, smells, sounds of the fair. I'd forgotten how much fun you can have, tempered with the need to not step in ride-induced vomit and sadness over the seal show. I think I'll go back next year. Wanna come along?

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