Sunday, April 09, 2006

Back in the old days the trip north from Tucson to Phoenix (then spelled Phenix) was fraught with danger- bandits and Apaches and lack of water all made it a daring and sometimes fatal excursion. Nowadays I fire up the trusty gray Saturn and drive north, past the new suburbs and the ever-crowded IKEA and wonder how people manage to live in that megalopolis.

I had breakfast with Brian in Scottsdale and enjoyed banana pancakes and chocolate milk.

Dawn-Marie's self portrait.

Afterwards we wandered around a park and took pictures of flowers.
Homer and Brian look at their own cameras.

I thought of Jimbo 'cause there was a great blue heron standing in a pool of water, perhaps 15 ft away from me:

Urban blue heron.

I then drove across town to hang out with RJ, whose beau was busy playing softball. Ohmigod, he's adorable in a handsome, sexy way. We drove back into Phoenix to meet Marc for lunch. Marc turns out also to be adorable. As was the blond, gay waiter from Minnesota. I discreetly stare at him. Why are all the cute guys from Wisconsin and Minnesota???

Marc, RJ, and Homer after lunch.

RJ's beau's team had lost by the time we got back to the softball place. I need to hang out with gay softball teams more often. I think the appropriate word is "woof."

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