Saturday, April 15, 2006

The Egg Decorating and Egg Hunt party was so gay. I mean, eleven guys busy dipping eggs in dye and making elaborate designs. However, I don't think eggs with "Fuck you" and "Nibble me" written on them are typically associated with this particular holiday.

Vince, Brady and Patrick.

No messes were made. Mollie enjoyed several treats and was generally spoiled. Puff and Joey had to spend most of the time locked up in their bathroom.

Shane and Victor.

Victor hadn't been to the house before. He and his boyfriend are house hunting. I'm trying to encourage other gay guys to move to my neighborhood- wouldn't it be fun if it became a gayborhood?

Hunting eggs in the backyard.

The guys ran through the backyard hunting eggs. I think they only missed a couple.


Kyle managed to get the most points (44) and won the very brightly colored baskets with fun stuff. Everyone else (Vince, Brady, Patrick, Jeffrey, Peter, Shane, Victor, Jim, and Chris) seemed to have had a swell time. I was even able to get rid of all but 22 of the eggs. What I am going to do with 22 eggs is a mystery yet to be solved.

Non-denominational boiled chicken ova with applied colors.

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