Monday, April 17, 2006

I'm having a Martha Stewart day. My mother sent me Martha's Baking Handbook. So lovely with pictures of high-fat baked goods. Just what I need. And when I arrived home there was the new issue of Martha Stewart Living in my mailbox. Ohmigod, so packed full of beautiful recipes. Unfortunately, I can never replicate the appearance of the foods- this is why the next boyfriend needs some skills in food styling. Are you paying attention?

So I made Cream of Onoin soup for dinner and it was very good. Very oniony and creamy and I know I reek but this is not a Smell-O-Rama-Blog, thank goodness. Anyhow, I then sat down at the computer and watched various music videos on the YouTube website. I re-lived the mid 1980s with Bronski Beat and Pet Shop Boys and participated in today's music world by watching Madonna writhe around in her Sorry video, which I really enjoyed. She rollerskated and danced. The only time I ever rollerskated I fell down really hard. Over and over again. Same thing with ice skating. I guess I'm just not built for skating.

I need to lay off the eggs, speaking of Smell-O-Rama. But I still have 18 hard boiled eggs to get rid off. Ohmigod! YouTube has the Obsession video by Animotion! Geez, I love mid-1980s music.

Such were the thoughts running through my head tonight.

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