Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Geez my house is hot. I guess the warm weather is catching up to me, plus I boiled 71 eggs. The 72nd egg was stuck in the carton. I'm having an Egg Decorating party on Saturday. Also planning an Egg Hunt- I'll be hiding about 100 plastic eggs in my back yard. If you are coming to the party, no peeking!

When I was a kid Easter was exciting because it meant chocolate. We were poor and there wasn't much money for candy. So getting a chocolate Easter bunny meant a lot to me. Just thinking about that- my mother cared enough to save a little money to get me something special. Because I was the youngest of five she gave up most of the children's holiday stuff (tooth fairy, egg hunt, Halloween) when I was pretty young. But even as a teenager she made sure I had a chocolate bunny. Here I am at 42 and it still makes me teary to think that my mother loved me that much.

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