Monday, April 24, 2006

My trip in pictures. Well I'm back in Tucson. Sigh. It is hot. A swarm of ants invaded my car at the parking lot. The litter box needs to be changed and Joey vomited shortly after I returned home (is that a sign of something?).

In contrast, I had a good time in San Francisco. Met many nice people, saw some interesting sites, had some interesting conversations, and remembered why I hate it when people arbitrarily decide to split the restaurant bill equally.

Tony, who enjoys reading blogs enough to come and pick Brett and I up at the airport, deserves an Academy Award for picking us up at the airport. Moby was at work when we arrived, so we went out and did a little exploring on our own.

Brett, Fidel, and Tony.

At the Midnight Sun. Fidel liked to talk about trains. I had four gin and tonics and you know, my tolerance for alcohol is sooooo low. Brett and I stayed up and hung out with Moby and he is a doll. In the late 70s he would have been a fox, in the 80s, a babe. And dear sweet Brett, he's a cutey. I loved lying around chatting with him, if you go to his podcasts you can hear his dreamy voice.

Brett and Brandon.

On Saturday we had brunch at Harvey's and met some other bloggers and even a reader of my blog, Jeff. Jeff is nice enough to forgive me for saying nasty things about Hummers, I didn't know he had one. I forgot to wear my black t-shirt to lunch, I forgot how popular black is in big cities. But wait, I don't have a black t-shirt! I'm more of a gray t-shirt guy. Black t shirts would about fry you here in Tucson.

Chad and Moby.

Chad was there and like all bloggers, was charming and cute. He looks like a straight guy I knew in grad school, only better looking and not-so-much an alcoholic. Later, he and I, while a little tipsy, discovered we had the same sordid experience recently. And amazingly enough, he is good friends with Brett's cousin. Very small world without animatronic thingys.

Brett, jumping the shark?

Picture posing ensued. I suggested that Brett's photo set involve jumping, but soon discovered my camera doesn't take pictures fast enough. I have many pictures of him getting ready to jump, some of him landing, and this is the only one of him in the air.


Later, at Rob and Fuad's housewarming party, I admired the beautiful view, including Moby standing on the balcony. I like the way he dresses, I admired his shirts and in the picture below I'm wearing one of them. Did I mention how sweet he is? It seemed that a lot of the guys that I met grew up on farms, Brett, Moby, and I all have rural backgrounds.

Homer and Rob.

Rob is another sweetie. I had fun at the party and demonstrated to Brett my conversation skills. When you meet someone for the first time, ask them a question- it can be anything. A guy named Patrick was asked, "Tell me about your most exciting car ride." And his story was fascinating. People like to tell stories, it is a great way to meet someone.

Homer and Andrew.

Sunday morning I had brunch with Andrew. We've been exchanging emails for a year or two and he is as nice in person as he is via the internet.

We went out to the Eagle and Lone Star Sunday afternoon and I saw several cute redheads, three porn stars, some drag queens, and the cutest-guy-in-plaid-shirt-ever, but he liked guys with enormous bellies. I watched with envy (of the enormous-bellied guy), as the cutest-guy-in-plaid-shirt-ever rubbed his hand around the enormous belly. However, on the way out of the bar I was kissed by three guys, so I wasn't all bitter. I whispered a secret into Jeff's ear right before I left. Sometimes secrets are worth sharing.


Vacations always have to end [insert sigh here]. I promised Brett I would come see him in Louisiana. And I don't think I will wait 5 years to go back to SF, there are a lot of reasons to go back and visit.

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