Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Jeff was kind enough to demonstrate what I often do when I see a Hummer.

Flippin' off the Homer.

I don't have that problem, no one flips off a Saturn and I don't have any bumper stickers or Jesus Fish or I Support Our Troops by Buying This Yellow Ribbon and Basically Pretending There Is No War ribbons.

The trusty Saturn is theeeee most boring car ever. It is nowheres near as sexy as Moby's motorcyle. Next time I come visit him in SF he has to take me on a ride. I promise to hold on real tight so I don't fall off.

I also promise to fix Moby's toilet, but in return he has to take me t-shirt shopping so I can find some fun t-shirts. I swear, all the guys in SF have snappy t-shirts with cute, controversial things on them.

In other news, my artichoke plant Seymour is HUGE! (That's one of my favorite lines from Girls Will Be Girls). I'll post a picture tomorrow.

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