Tuesday, May 09, 2006

So what are the secrets of successful jello wrestling? Archerr was able to pry a few things out of me on today's podcast. Scroll down past today's entry on Archerr's site and stare, stare, stare at the hotties he photographed last weekend. If I can ever convince him to get onto that aluminum tube of death (some people prefer to call them airplanes, but Archerr knows better), I'll have to arrange a photo shoot with him and Panchesco. Panchesco's Jello Wrestling photos are HERE. Top row, third and fourth from left, I'd like to see them wiggle...

Homer and Brady, photographed by Panchesco.

In other news, the LCD display on my digital camera has decided to die. Second time in the last six months. ARGGGHHH. Maybe Best Buy will consider replacing that part of the camera instead of "fixing" it.

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