Sunday, May 07, 2006

Somehow my pockets got filled with lime jello. Okay, so let's back up a little bit. This morning I got up and did my chores and fixed the swamp coolers and played Age of Empires and admired Brian's new haircut. Later, in the afternoon, I went over to Patrick and Brady's, and convinced Brady to go to jello wrestling.

Now jello wrestling is an annual charity event that involves people bidding on things, drinking, and wrestling in a big pit of jello. Note that drinking a lot of beer will make you do things that you wouldn't normally think of doing. Remember that, please.

The first thing that Brady said when we got there was that he had to have his picture taken with a drag queen. I do what I am told.

Drag queen and Brady.

There were a lot of drag queens collecting money from the audience, they made 35k or so. As will be seen, I helped raise a couple hundred...

Patrick and Aja.

No Drag Queens were hurt during this photography.

Beautiful minds in beautiful bodies.

I ran into someone that used to date my housemate in Ann Arbor back in 1986. He was busy making the moves on somebody that was four years old back in 1986. Happy ever after sorta moment.

Panchesco was there, and we chatted and I made observations and he was kind enough to not tell me "YOU ARE DRUNK" 'cause after five beers that is so true.


After the sixth beer Patrick offered some money if Brady and I wrestled in the jello. We were fairly tipsy and honestly I didn't mind. Having a blog removes many inhibitions against exhibition.

Homer and Brady.

We ran around with buckets and collected some money. I didn't have my glasses on and couldn't see what people were giving. Brady says he was getting a lot of twenties. I probably made eight dollars, but since I'm so blind with my glasses off lets just pretend they were hundred dollar bills instead.

Panchesco was kind enough to send me the next four images. Be warned, some of these pictures contains scenes of violence that may offend and, perhaps, damage the sensibilities of sensitive folks.

Wrestling is real dangerous, don't try this at home.

Lime jello can be real cold. Think shrink.

We purposely threw handfuls of jello at the crowd.

We were so naughty. We shared that lime jello with whoever was standing nearby.

Sometimes I play real durty.

How did that happen? I have no shame when it comes to raising money for charity.

Poor Panchesco got splattered.

Afterwards we went out for pizza and I got into Patrick's shorts, mine being all soggy with jello. Nice time, although my head kinda has that hangover thing starting up.

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