Thursday, June 22, 2006

At work none of the artifacts we found today were particularly interesting. Instead we were stalked by dozens of hungry pigeons. The baby ones will eat out of your hands. The sparrows will say "thank you" after getting their crackers. None of the birds like string beans.


Someone asked what happens to the artifacts we find. While in the field we sort them and count and throw out nails, tin can fragments, horseshoes, and plain bottle and window fragments. The rest are sorted by material type (glass, metal, ceramics, etc) and sent to the lab to be washed. In a while they will be identified and the information put into the computer. We throw away a lot more stuff then- broken bottles, duplicate bottles, plain dish fragments, and so on. It is very expensive to turn stuff over to the museum.

Someone also asked about Mexican Safeway. I live in a largely Mexican-American neighborhood, Vince (who lives in my guest house) and I are the only Anglos or Euro-Americans on my block. Mexican Safeway is about half a mile north and is where I shop and where blond, beefy, furry Byron works. I always look for him when I go in.

Mexican Safeway.

The staff is super friendly. Most are bilingual. Many of the customers are Mexican-American. There are a few areas in the store where this is evident- lots of votive candles, hot peppers, and a small Mexican candy section.

Mexican candy.

Now Mexican candy is different. A combination of salty/sweet/hot. Mango and chili lollipops. Salted dried plums. Tamarind on a spoon. I've tried a few, and honestly thought "yuck."

I think that about covers the questions. Feel free to ask more.

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