Saturday, June 24, 2006

I'm not afraid. Of terrorists. Seems like the people running this country are either afraid or want American citizens to be very, very afraid. As they slowly transform America into Amerika.

I'm old enough to remember the Red Pinko Commies. I remember drills in case of nuclear attacks and what to do if bombs went off. And the pointlessness of the whole process. The process was successful in making people very, very afraid of Communists. My under-educated father once told me we should just nuke Russia and kill them all. He didn't understand that the radiation would drift over to us, kill us too if the bombs didn't get us first.

We were taught that Commies were suspicious of everyone. They actively sought out people who were different. They peered into people's private lives secretly to find out who to arrest. Commies locked people up without trials. They tortured people. They accused the people with different opinions of being traitors. There was always the spector of arrest, detainment, and torture.

So familiar now in AmeriKa. "Oh, it's okay for them to tap international calls." "Oh, it's alright for them to trace domestic calls without court warrants." "Oh, it's fine to track bank transactions." "Oh, we don't talk about the Jones, they just sorta disappeared and you know, they probably did something wrong."

I'm not afraid of anything. Except the creeping transformation of Amerika.

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