Saturday, June 24, 2006

At Michael's 40th birthday party a group of us were looking at his collection of 45s from the mid 1980s- the music I listened to as I was finishing college. A young girl came up. "What are those?" she asked, "Are those mini-records?"

We were stunned into a moment of silence. Suddenly we felt very old.

As a child I played Disney 45s on a little record player. I still have a few, including a Pooh exercise record. "I go up, down, touch the ground, when I'm in the mood for food." The song is etched on my brain.

One of the things I regret after Grandma F. died was not taking her turqouise blue record player and her collection of 1950s records- Sinatra, Bennett, mood music. I wasn't thinking clearly- I'm sure they were tossed out or taken to Salvation Army or perhaps Uncle Phillip has them. I don't know, but I wish I had grabbed them and tonight I could be listening to some of those funny pressed-vinyl dohickeys.

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