Friday, June 09, 2006

I had just sat down at afternoon break, picking up the newspaper to look at the opinion page, when to my right I heard someone shout, saw a truck go by, and then saw someone flying through the air. Around me my workers are shouting "Oh my god, did you see that!" I stood up and reached in my pocket for my cell phone, dialing 911 as I walked out of the gate.

The bicyclist was picking up his red mountain bike and a book, squashed at an unnatural angle with pieces broken that shouldn't be broken. Past him, heading south, is a Tucson Water truck, driving away as fast as it can. "Why are you calling the police?" the guy asked me. He was in his 20s and was limping. "You are hurt, I need to call." I told him. He was in shock, didn't quite understand what had happened.

It seemed to take forever for the firemen to come, although really it was a short time. We made the bicyclist sit down and gave him something to drink. He lifted his pant leg to look at his swollen knee and abrasions. I think he was lucky to escape worse injury.

Over the course of the next hour the police came, then City officials. I imagine all of the Water company trucks will be examined for red paint and fresh scratches. The driver knew he'd hit somebody- he'd stopped to look back. My guess is that he was drunk at work and had hoped he'd escape undetected. I hope they catch the asshole.

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