Thursday, June 08, 2006

I haven't had any caffeine in 17 days. Before the explosive stomach flu I was drinking too much diet pop. I knew it, but had little inclination to stop. Since I couldn't drink any while sick (caffeine is a diuretic), I just quit. No headaches. Once in a while I look longingly at the cans in the fridge. But I really don't miss it. Once before, in 1999, I stopped cold turkey and didn't have any for three years. I'll be saving a little money, I guess.

In other news, I vented a little about not getting the fancy contract and feel better, less bitter. Why waste time being angry when there are more interesting things to do, like wash all my silverware because a billion ants suddenly appeared in the drawer, totally weirding me out.

Jimbo posted the following video on his blog a little while ago (I borrowed the image from him, thanks Jimbo!).

I love you hot dancing man

The guy catches my attention, reminds me of redhead Philip from Nebraska and dancing with him on the speakers in a bar in Omaha. Nice memory.

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