Wednesday, June 07, 2006

What a crappy day.

We are busy digging outhouses, finding old bottles, animal bones, broken dishes. The three women working together found a silver coin today, very corroded and mostly unreadable.

The Outhouse Girls: Tylia, Regina, and Alycia.

Notice the green-colored soil. At times it actually smelled bad, or perhaps it was the people at the bus station next to us who pee through the fence. Nasty.

We sometimes find nasty artifacts, such as the enamelware bedpan found a few days ago.

Damien models the bedpan.

The portajohn, gosh after heating up to 105 degrees, is very fragrant. I have to eat lunch somewhere aways so I don't have to enjoy the tangy smell of the blue fluid.

So yesterday I put on my suit jacket and went in with a team and did a proposal for a very interesting archaeology project and today I learned that the competition got the contract. I could be very grown up and wish them well, but today I simply don't feel grown up at all. Let's leave it at that.

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