Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Part 1. An explanation on the bad food list. Meat and seafood- I've been a vegetarian since 1983, so obviously those are out. Lima beans- I know they are Corky's favorites, and if he ever came to visit I'd serve him a heaping dish, but the darn things have that awful, gritty taste. Raw celery is stringy and there really isn't much use to it. Cantelope and muskmelon- had enough when I was a child, thank you. Spaghetti noodles- I'm a sloppy eater- those noodles just spray sauce everywhere. Stir fry- like dullsville. Cabbage- in every form, in every way, the most disgusting vegetable ever invented. I've tried to like it- cole slaw, sauerkraut, kimchi, wrapped around things, etc. Never, ever worked for me. Republicans- they leave a nasty taste in your mouth afterwards.

I forgot to mention tofu or soy ice cream (toxic gases), canned pears (also had enough as a child), marzipan (might as well be called puke-zipan), and maraschino cherries (who invented those things?).

Part 2. Tucson experienced a sun-halo today. A rainbow-like ring around the sun, very pretty. I did not stare straight into that burning orb of fire, ignoring the taunts of my co-workers.


My camera doesn't have a wide angle lens, so I couldn't get a picture of the entire halo.

Saint Homer, patron saint of archaeologists.

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