Wednesday, July 19, 2006

After work I played with Puff. When you are in a bad mood, sometimes that is the best thing, just being a goof with your cats.

Look at the camera Puff.

Unfortunately, Joey decided to pee on the couch for some reason. I discovered the accident while lying down on it. Nice. So cushion cover is being washed and I soaked the cushion with gin, which takes the smell away and leaves a lovely juniper-like scent behind.

I picked a big red tomato from the garden couple days back and made me a tomato-mayo-black pepper-white bread sandwich. Or two. It was very good.

In other news, I added something to a Wikipedia entry yesterday, quoting a nasty thang's opinion on gay marriage. One of her minions removed it within a couple of hours. That's the problem with that site, people "cleaning" up entries to make them "nicer." I told Jimbo today that he should edit the "hairy chest" entry, which does not reflect the years of research we have done on furry-chested men.

And so on. Will it ever cool down here?

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