Friday, July 28, 2006

My buddy is the best host. He makes me breakfast in bed. The wonderful room service. Mints on the pillow. The only bad thing is his Mac-obsession. Just touching the Mac computers makes me feel real durty.

Actually, I am having a nice time. Yesterday we went to the National Botanical Conservatory. After our free full body cavity search, we wandered around the place and I attempted to take artsy pictures. Unforts, the light wasn't the best and they actually had fewer flowers than when I have been in the fall or winter.

Pretty leaves.

Afterwards we made the mistake of going to the Hischorn Gallery of Ugly Modern Art. I wanted to laugh at the totally black canvas that was stuck in a corner of the basement. I wonder how many artists did one of those?

Last night Archerr, the Boyfriend, and I went to Wolf Trap Farm to the Mamma Mia concert. I had thought it was more of a musical with a story line but that is not the case. I called Brady and Brian and recorded portions of songs on their answering machines, I'm sure they will enjoy those song snippets for minutes to come.

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