Saturday, July 15, 2006

Mark and I had a jam-packed day. In the morning I made him breakfast, later on we went out to the desert for a hike.

Mark and rock art.

I took Mark to one of my favorite spots, where 2,000-year-old rock art is visible on cliff faces.

Saguaro and rock art.

All around are huge saguaro cactuses (or cacti), some of them clinging to the sides of the canyon we walked up.

Sonoran desert.

It was amazingly hot, I was sweating like mad.

Amish straw hat.

One aspect of growing my patchy hair out is when you take your Amish straw hat off, it is not a pretty sight.

Bad hair moment.

Um, like, yuck.

After that excitement it was lunch at Rosa's and then naptime. Back at La Casa de Homer I introduced Mark to YouTube videos and we watched various 1980s songs.

In the evening, we ran over to Dougie's going away dinner. I said a brief hello and we left, I really want to spend an hour or two just with Dougie before he starts his new adventure in Chicago.

Afterwards, Mark and I had dinner at La Indita and then wandered over to IBTs, where we ran into Chris and Jim.

Victoria Chase and Mark.

We didn't know that Saturday was show night. Ohmigod, Victoria Chase, Bunny Fufu, and the third guy (who is competing for Miss Gay Arizona) put on a wonderful show.

Homer and Chris.

I wish I knew this performer's name. I cheered so loud I'm a little hoarse. I cannot imagine the hours of hard work and the money spent on costumes.


Mark goes back to Boston tomorrow to his wonderful husband Jim. It has been really nice seeing him. Sometime next year I'll probably show in Boston myself.

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