Thursday, August 24, 2006

I'm awful tired- I've been out running a dig and working 12 hour days. Can't talk about the dig because of some ongoing legal thingies with various peeps suing each others. However, I will say that we found some super duper cool stuff. Really super duper cool.

Then I came home all stanky and sat on the couch and got up and when I sat down again one of the cats had peed on the couch. Yuck. And then I sniffed the other chair and goddammit that one had been peed on too. I don't what is going on besides the cats have been fighting with each other. Both spots are soaking in cheap vodka and I'm washing cushion covers. One of my cats is going to be severely punished if this doesn't stop immediately.

Ohmigod, Brady and I are sitting around in my hot house and Forrest is 'sposed to bring some ice cream over and he better get over here soon before I conk out from being so tired.

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