Sunday, August 27, 2006

Homer and Forrest go camping. We began our adventure by driving the 40 or so miles from Tucson to the top of the Catalina Mountains, immediately to the north.

On the way to the top.

The elevation goes from 2,500 ft to 9,000 ft. At the top is a pine forest. It was quite wet from the monsoon rains. We soon managed to drive down a little two-track road while looking for a campsite. Only to discover that that was a mistake.

The stuck car.

Luckily, a pair of helpful observatory employees helpfully pulled Forrest's car out from where it was spinning.

We settled on a spot in a meadow and pitched tent. As the sun went down we gathered firewood and ate supper.

Campsite sunset.

There was this rustling sound in the paper bag of food. Nothing was inside but when I moved it a medium-sized rodent was staring at me from his/her hole. I dropped a Frito in and the rodent energetically crunched on it. I then poured a batch of trail mix in- I'm sure that animal thought he/she was the luckiest rodent ever.

Forrest plays guitar.

Forrest played guitar and encouraged me to "sing." We had fun.

Red flowers.

This morning we drove to a spot and went hiking. Lots of different wild flowers were blooming because it has been so wet up there.

Cute bears.

In many places you could see where the 2002 wildfires had burned through the forest. In a few spots there were the burnt remnants of cabins. In other areas the cabins had been rebuilt.

Four years after the fire.

We went down a trail and ended up in a canyon with running water. Forrest and I sat and talked about life. He's a great buddy to have.

Homer and Forrest.

When I got back home I realized I have a cold, and feel pretty yucky. Glad it happened after my camping adventure.

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