Monday, September 25, 2006

My great-great-great grandfather, Robert Pierce, was born in South Lopham, Norfolk, England in 1824. He came with his parents and brothers and sisters to New York in 1829, sailing on a ship for 10 weeks. The family moved on to Jefferson County, New York, and eventually on to Lima County, Wisconsin. Robert and his wife, daughters,and son ended up near Traverse City, Michigan.

Robert Pierce.

Robert served in the Civil War as a volunteer soldier. Later he claimed a pension, stating that he suffered from piles (hemorrhoids) that were caused by the chronic diarrhea he developed as a soldier. He worked as a farmer and in the winter he worked in the lumber woods. One time a tree rolled over him, crushing his leg.

Robert died in 1904. I've been to his grave and wondered what he looked like. A few years ago I went to the tiny local historical society for Fife Lake, the community where he lived, and they had a family photo album that contained two of his pictures and the pictures of two of his other daughters. That was an exciting day.

In other news, life sucks.

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