Saturday, September 23, 2006

So have you seen this Daily Show clip with Paul Cameron? Cameron is well known in anti-gay circles and is frequently called upon to spew his opinions on the topic. My friend Jim has investigated his publications and finds them to be filled with inaccuracies.

The Daily Show, better than network news.

I'd never seen Paul Cameron speak before and, ohmifrickenlord, the guy is a total fagosexual. He's nellier than Nellie Olsen (who rocks, by the way). His mincing, prissy ways makes Paul Lynde look super butch.


Cameron is obsessed with man-on-man butt sex. Obsessed. Now, I'm pretty sure that my straight male friends don't spend much time thinking about homo anal "hog sex." But then I think they are probably spending their time thinking about how they can convince their girlfriends and wives to do anal. I could call them up and poll them on their views on homo butt sex, but that would be all scientific and in these Return of the Alchemists times, no one really gives a fuck about science, just like no one gives a fuck about polls anyways, right?

So Paul Cameron is a big ole closeted pansy, in my opinion. I have a Master's degree so my opinion must mean something. What is it with creepy, pansysexuals like Cameron and Karl Rove. They just look and act like freaks. Couldn't they just get on ManHunt and find some fellow closeted conservative to have "Intermission" with?

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