Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Somehow I have managed to get on the American Family Association's email list. This bunch of moronic far right freaks (I swear, I am fair and unbiased) sent me the following email this morning about the CBS 9/11 documentary:

Dear Homer,

This past Sunday evening (Sept. 10), some CBS network broadcast stations aired the "9/11" documentary. During the course of the program, CBS affiliates chose to broadcast multiple obscenities over the public airwaves at a time they knew children would be watching.

CBS had been warned about allowing the "f" and "s" words on the air. The network could have easily muted the obscenities. But they chose not to. The network stations purposely chose to violate Federal and FCC law by airing the program.

The documentary was filmed by a pair of French brothers following a group of firefighters on that horrible day, just happening to catch the first plane impact. The firefighters and the film makers ended up inside the lobby of the north tower. As debris and bodies slammed into the ground outside and panicked workers ran by trying to get away, the firemen said things like, "Holy shit!" and "Fuck!"

These guys are heroes. I'm not one to really believe in heroes. But those men were heroic that day. They saved people, they did impossible things. 343 firemen died.

The American Family Association wants to fine CBS affiliates because some stations decided to show what those heroes did that awful day. Some of them swore. Can you believe that, that those firefighters facing the most unbelievable event, did not carefully watch every word that came out of their mouths? Many of the men shown heading upstairs were crushed within the next hour. I wonder what Donald Wildmon, fucking shitty cretin, was doing that day?

The American Family Association. Is it any wonder that the last name of their group starts with Ass? I sent them an email, "TAKE ME OFF YOUR FUCKING LIST YOU LOUSY FUCKS!" I forgot to use the "s" word, but I think if someone bothers to read it they will get the idea.

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