Monday, October 02, 2006

My brother joined the Amish church and when I go see him I usually see a bunch of their kids. The children wear smaller version of the adult clothes. They talk to each other in a version of German and are very respectful. They stare a little, because I am "English" and I don't wear the right clothes or have the right facial hair.

Bub (that's what I call my brother) is the columnist for the national Amish paper and for a monthly magazine. His letters describe the weather, who attended church from outside his community, whether there has been an illness or a family death. The Amish live an 1800s life, each community setting their rules for which technology they can or cannot have. My brother's community allows gasoline engine powered fridges and washing machines, but no electricity. It is all about self sufficiency.

I'm stunned that some cretin would go to a school and shoot little girls. The Amish are known for their belief in non-violence. He picked an easy target. I feel so sad for those families, I don't know what else to say.

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